Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Bougainvillea" Song of Solomon 2:10 oil painting, 6x6

Song of Solomon 2:10  "My beloved responded and said to me, "arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come along."

This bright pink flowering plant was stretching itself through a crack in a cedar fence. "Hello" Cynthia, paint me".  Although I passed it several times, egnoring it's plea, finally I stopped and painted this cutie.  It reminds me about the struggle it takes to get noticed, as an artist, and for anyone who has something to share. Maybe a story. So I listened to the flower's story. 

6x6 oil painting on Ampersand gessoboard. I have begun to add a primer of oil ground by Gamblin to these panels, I feel the paint is more vibrant since the ground doesn't soak up the oils in the paint. They do take longer to dry, and it has taken a little getting used to. 

Monitors vary greatly with how images look, if you have concerns, please contact me.

These small paintings are meant to be an accent piece either on a wall or table top. 

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