Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Small Mouth

This latest painting is a nice accomplishment for me since I haven't painted in the past few years. Yay!
It is larger than what I had been doing before. This is 36"x36" and a re-visit to my Paper series. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Capistrano Canyon Yelllow

This study I am interested in the subtle way that Edgar Payne uses color and creates distance with such a narrow band of color range. The softness against the geometrical shape of the tree branches contrast so nicely. It is different than his other compositions that are large big shapes. I also have been to this painting spot I think, and I believe that he invented this tree. Good idea!

Capistrano Canyon 5x7"

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Eucalyptus Landscape

Another study of Edgar Payne's work. Besides his balance and use of large shapes, I appreciated his use of color in this composition. The tree shadow areas are all the same color so that the foliage is distinctive. The red stroke at the base of the tree is genius! It ties in and balances the red roofs and gives us a rhythm. The brightness and contrast at this area  brings the eye back to the farm. There are so many more elements to this composition.  The design of the trees, trunks, branches, sky and foreground all support the view to the farm beyond. Each and every brush stroke is supportive to the full image and message.
Eucalyptus Landscape 6x6"

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Switzerland Village

Switzerland Village is another study of Edgar Payne. The perspective of the village and grand scale of the mountains is gorgeous. All of the mountain and snow shapes point to the church steeple. Available at: ow.ly/Aq9h30hpu6d
Switzerland Village 6x6"

The warm light and cool shadows are consistent. Even the house shade side is of the same color family as the shade of the trees and mountains. This provides unity and clarifies the main focus of the steeple. It also makes the green foreground hold your attention to the village. There are so many (and more) details of support to his focal point, and that is what makes studying his work so much fun for me.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Composition Studies

It is good to be back painting. Since it has been awhile, I decided to study how to strengthen my compositions, and Edgar Payne wrote a book called, "Composition to Outdoor Painting" in 1941 that is a very popular book on the subject. You can find it on Amazon (it is almost 4 times more expensive now than when I bought it five years ago...probably because of this post, right). Amazon link to Edgar Payne's Book

Here are few of my studies that I painted for you to see what I am talking about. Some are available for sale at Daily Paintworks. Link to Southwest Clouds
 Southwest Clouds 6x6"
 Uppermost Crags in the Sierras 6x6" SOLD
Twin Boats 5x7" GIFTED